FastTrac® TechVenture – Kauffman

[Due date: July 10th, 2017]

FastTrac Tech Venture is a 30-hour course with a proven framework to help researchers successfully launch their own technology- and science-based businesses. Certified FastTrac Affiliates teach the coourses in an interactive, group-oriented environment, where participants are encouraged to network with one another to grow their business ideas into the next great technological and scientific innovations.

Smart steps to start smart companies

In the FastTrac TechVenture course, participants:
– Explore issues specific to technology- and science-based markets and their business concepts;
– Analyze industry, size and segmentation;
– Develop strategies for market research
– Test their business’ products/services, customer base, financial and technological viability
– Formulate market penetration plans
– Prepare to communicate effectively with various audiences by mastering the essentials of financial statements, forecasts and ratios
– Create organization and compensation plans to help recruit and retain top talent
– Learn how to value their business, raise money from funding sources, and protect their intellectual property
– Identify administrative policies to control business operation

On completion of the course, a Kauffman – FastTrac certificate will be issued.

FastTrac TechVentures participants have raised more than $400 million to fund their businesses.

Schedule of activities and calendar

The course will take place at the CREA UniCa – Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – University of Cagliari – via Ospedale 121.


14        h 15:00-18:00    Exploring Entrepreneurship
15        h 10:00-13:00    Understanding Customer Development and the Business Model
21        h 15:00-18:00    Conducting Market Research and Analysis
22        h 10:00-13:00    Testing your business Concept
28        h 14:00-17:00    Entering and Capturing the Market
29        h 10:00-13:00    Planning for Finacial Success


8          h 14:00-17:00    Building and Compensating Your Organizational Team
9          h 10:00-13:00    Protecting the Business and Your Intellectual Property
15        h 14:00-17:00    Identifying Funding and Working with Investors
16        h 10:00-13:00    Managing cash and Operating your Business

To whom

20 seats are available.

Applications can be primarily submitted by University of Cagliari’s researchers and/or research fellows interested in turning their technology- and science-based researches into business ideas. If seats will remain available, even University of Cagliari’s employees (both with a permanent or fixed-term contract), as well as Contamination Lab UniCa’s and Contamination Up UniCa’s participants. In drawing up the ranking list, primarily researchers’ and research fellows’ applications will be taken into consideration, and then UniCa’s employees’ and Clabbers’/CUppers’.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted via email at the address no later than July 10th, 2017, stating in the subject “FastTrac Cagliari – application + applicant’s name and surname”, attaching e-mail address, telephone number, category (researchers, research fellow, UniCa’s employee, CLabber, CUpper) and a copy of the Identity Document.

Please be advised that seats are limited and acceptances are to be assigned in accordance with the chronological order of arrivals of applications .

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