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EOS, Emerging Organization-Ship

[Due date: July 25, 2017, h 12.00 A.M.]

EOS Emerging Organization – Ship is a project promoted by CREA UniCa – Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – University of Cagliari, in the context of the public notice “Green & Blue Economy – line C – POR Sardegna FSE 2014-2020”

The programme aims at the creation of businesses in the ICT & Food sectors. It will enable participants to develop their own business idea or a path to self-employment through a training course which provides for consulting and technical support in the launch of new businesses, making use of expertise and methods successfully applied in the context of the Contamination Lab – University of Cagliari.

The project is entirely free.

The course

The course is divide into 3 stages:

  • 1. Acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge – 30h; this stage is meant to be a group activity, with the aim of stimulating participants in order to activate the creative process and help nurturing ideas to be developed into proper business ideas during the consulting phase.
  • 2. Pre start-up consulting – 30h; this activity is aimed at small groups, in order to let participants develop their own business plan, analyse the relevant market, implement both a communication plan and a local marketing plan, as well as to let them check financing and supporting opportunities dedicated to local businesses.
  • 3. Consulting and technical support in the launch of a new business – 60h; this stage is meant to be provided individually, in order to make participants implements their own business idea or their path to self-employment. In this phase, we will support participants in the choice of a legal form, as well as meeting the administrative and fiscal requirements for the establishment of an autonomous or entrepreneurial business, consultancy on access to credit and financing, support in the choice of technological and productive partners in the matter of patents & intellectual property.

At the end of the course, participants will realize a Project Work according to a work schedule which includes the following steps:

  • Overview of the business idea (Prototype and Executive summary)
  • Business idea presentation (Pitch).

The course will start on September 1st, 2017. It has a duration of 12 months,(120 hours per person).

Activities will take place at the CREA UniCa – via Ospedale 121, 09124, Cagliari (Italy).

To whom

Two editions (25 participants each) are to be held. Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • To be inactive, unemployed or jobless;
  • To be a resident in or have a domicile in Sardinia;
  • To be a graduate from high school.

25 seats are available. 13 are reserved for women.

How to participate

Applications can be submitted from July 3rd, 2017 till July 17th, 2017, h 12.00 A.M.

Selection measures will be divided into 2 stages. During the first one, special attention will be paid to participants’ CVs and expertise in the ICT field or self-employment experiences. During the second one, participants must face a test for the assessment of motivation, inclination to self-employment, problem solving skills, creative and entrepreneurial skills.

Recruitment notice – EOS

Request for participation

Download project’s infographics and find out how to participate!