CREA UniCa – The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Cagliari aims at promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and interdisciplinarity as well as the development of innovative business projects through the contamination between different areas of studies. CREA promotes and oversees the activities of both Contamination Lab, specifically for the promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship, and Contamination Up (for the incubation) as well as Unica&Imprese


The Center favours both the integration and contamination among different areas of studies within the University. Furthermore, it spreads the concept of culture of entrepreneurship in the territory. CREA is the link between funders, stakeholders (both national and international ones) and groundbreaking ideas and projects developed inside the University of Cagliari. The Center creates a bridge between students, researchers and entrepreneurs who act locally and globally.


CREA UniCa promotes and oversees the activities of both Contamination Lab and Contamination Up, as well as Unica&Imprese. It manages and sets up high-quality training activities in order to develop and integrate managerial, entrepreneurial and scientific knowledge, enhance management and problem-solving skills linked to teamwork. Among other functions, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship monitors the opportunities linked to scientific-technologic know-how and business ideas. CREA UniCa provides young people in the territory with a chance to improve their own social skills and use innovative tools for the presentation of their ideas in line with international standards, e.g. the elevator pitch. Furthermore, it manages the Universitary Incubator by promoting its membership in the network of other business incubators.